Santos Dumont

1 Season|6 Episodes

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The history of Santos Dumont is inextricably bound up with his exploits as an aviator. After a number of false starts, he succeeded in defying the laws of nature and man, which he had dreamed of since a child. It has always been man’s dream to fly and thereby achieve something of divine status, but Santos died in dread of the use his achievements would be put to by the military use of aviation.

As well as a documentary, this miniseries of six one-hour episodes, which is a free adaptation of his life story, also explores Santos Dumont’s inner world. Throughout his life, the aviator’s love of adventure, mechanics and his search for perfection, made him seek challenges other men would not have dared. His constant pursuit of a meaning to life, through observation of nature and the stars, were to give is life direction and significance.

Cast & Bios

Santos Dumont
João Pedro Zappa
Aída De La Costa