About HBO

For over forty years, people who love entertainment have recognized HBO as the original – the first and best place to find the world’s most innovative programming. HBO believes that amazing things happen when gifted storytellers are allowed pursue their own vision in their own way.

That’s why so many of television’s most creative minds make HBO their home


Emilio Rubio
Chief Executive Officer HBO Latin America
Luis Peraza
President – Networks
Francisco Smith
President – Distribution and New Media Development
Emilio Otermin
Senior Vice President – Technology and Operations
David Torkington
Senior Vice President, CFO – Finance and Administration
Javier Figueras
Corporate Vice President – Affiliates
Roberto Ríos
Corporate Vice President – Original Production
Gustavo Grossmann
Corporate Vice President – Networks
Dionne Bermudez
Vice President – Digital Distribution and Business Research
Xavier Aristimuño
Vice President - Licensing