In Treatment

2 Seasons|28 Episodes

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An emotional and provocative series, In Treatment brings dynamic focus to a staple of modern society- the psychotherapy session. Adapted from a popular Israeli series, the show follows psychoanalyst Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne, who won a Golden Globe® for his role) through his week, capturing sessions with his patients. 

Season three of In Treatment follows psychoanalyst Paul Weston over seven consecutibe weeks of therapy- for his patients, and himself. Frances is a former stage and screen star, struggleing with her lines for a major Broadway role, while coping with her sister’s terminal breast cancer – and the implications this might have on her own health. Sunil, a native of Calcutta, has moved in with his son in Brooklyn, but struggles with life in America. 

He disapproves of the way his son and daughter-in-law are raising their children- and suspects his daughter-in-law may be cheating on his son. Jesse, a gay teen, wrestles with his identity and his relationship with his adoptive parents. His birth mother reintroduces herself into his life with tragic consequences. Paul himself seeks the guidance of a younger psychoanalyst, Adele. Recent struggles with insomnia and a recurrent dream are telling Paul he may have inherited Parkinson’s Disease from his father. He’s frustrated with his patients, coming to terms with his recent divorce, and his teenage son Max has moved in with him. In Treatment offers an itimate look at the tangles mind of a man who counsels others for a living.

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Dr. Paul Weston
Gabriel Byrne
Debra Winger
Irrfan Khan
Dane DeHaan
Amy Ryan