2 Seasons|16 Episodes

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Created by Jay and Mark Duplass, the original series Togetherness follows the lives of four characters as they struggle between keeping their relationships and dreams alive. Togetherness is the rare, genuinely grounded comedy that celebrates the small, everyday moments of life that feel epic. Brett, a moderately successful sound mixer, is working hard to bring back the passion that’s been lacking in his marriage, while Michelle, no longer content as a stay-at-home mom, searches for a way to return to her social-activist roots. Alex, the guy preordained for greatness in high school, is now overweight, balding, and losing touch with his dream of being a successful actor, and Tina, who’s spent her whole life getting by on her looks, searches for a wealthy man to take care of her while trying to prove she can run a successful business.

Cast & Bios

Brett Pierson
Mark Duplass
Michelle Pierson
Melanie Lynskey
Tina Morris
Amanda Peet
Alex Pappas
Steve Zissis