The Bronze Garden

2 Seasons|16 Episodes

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Based on the book with the same name, THE BRONZE GARDEN follows the desperate struggle of architect Fabian Danubio to recover his daughter, who has disappeared inexplicably and without a trace. Upon a lack of answers from the police, Fabian takes measures into his own hands and decides to take on the search, which becomes his motor, giving him a goal that will obsess him.

In the second season, the plot of this new story created by Gustavo Malajovich and Marcos Osorio Vidal will follow the story of Fabián Danubio after the reunion with his daughter Moira, whom he desperately searched for 10 years.

Cast & Bios

Fabián Danubio
Joaquín Furriel
Moira Danubio
Maite Lanata
César Doberti
Luis Luque
Detective Blanco
Julieta Zylberberg
Andrea Rodríguez
Paola Barrientos
Martín Cosme
Alejo Ramirez Borella