Arthur Miller: Writer


A profound tribute to a father by his daughter – and from one artist to another – the film charts Miller’s professional and personal life in six parts, featuring previously unseen material, including in-depth interviews, candid photographs, private letters, journal entries and home movies, revealing the man behind the icon, delving into his childhood, his roots as an artist and the ways major events of the 20th century shaped his life on a personal and political level.

A bracing look at the creative process, and at enormous success and palpable failure in the public eye, the film celebrates an American life lived on a grand scale, covering such subjects as Miller’s breakout theater success in the ‘40s and ‘50s, his stormy relationship with Marilyn Monroe, his trial in Congress by the House Un-American Activities Committee, his 40-year marriage to photographer Inge Morath and his evolution as a writer through the decades, as he refused to repeat himself as an artist, remaining true to his own voice to the end.

In addition to Rebecca Miller’s revealing interviews with her father and his readings of selected passages from his autobiography, Timebends: A Life, ARTHUR MILLER: WRITER features interviews with those who knew him best, among them his siblings, his children, his third wife, Inge Morath, playwright Tony Kushner and director Mike Nichols (who directed and won a Tony Award for the 2012 revival of Death of a Salesman).

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