Fora do Armário

1 Season|10 Episodes


One of the most significant moments in the life homosexuals and transsexuals is “coming out of the closet”, when they assume their own sexuality. The documentary series FORA DO ARMARIO (Out of the Closet) deals with the difficulties of this process and how a family handles discovering the truth about a child, sibling or father. Everyone has to find a way of accepting a new reality and “coming out of the closet” into society. The series paints an intimate portrait of how those involved act and react to changed circumstances.

FORA DO ARMARIO‘s ten episodes tell the story of a mother who can only tell the truth about her relationship with another woman, after her son reveals he is gay; a father who can only accept his homosexuality in middle-age; a mother who is struggling to understand her son’s desire to be a drag queen; a father and a son, both gay, who go around in the same social circles and enjoy a night out together; and teachers who have to confront prejudice both inside and outside of school in order to be fully accepted within their profession.

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