HBO offers a new digital experience with the launch of its first podcast in Latin America, featuring its new original series WATCHMEN

By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2019-10-21

The series’ official podcast launches on October 20th with a new episode each week detailing everything there is to know about the WATCHMEN universe.

MIAMI, FL., October 21, 2019 – HBO invites its audience to take the first steps into the new WATCHMEN universe. With the launch of its first podcast in Latin America, HBO’s new offering will allow fans to enrich their viewing experience through the digital world. The podcast will explore in depth all the details of the upcoming original series with new episodes each week.   

Set in an alternative universe in which masked vigilantes operate outside the law, WATCHMEN embraces the nostalgia of one of the most influential graphic novels in history, as it paves its own path. Two passionate fans of the comic and lovers of pop culture, Fiorella Sargenti and Luciano Banchero, will be analyzing and commenting on each episode immediately following its premiere on HBO, examining its characters, creators and cast.

Made up of 10 episodes, the official podcast of the HBO series will be made available at no additional cost on HBO GO, and YouTube, immediately after its broadcast on HBO. Shortly following, the episodes can also be accessed on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and Deezer.

HBO welcomes its audience to the WATCHMEN universe with this new special podcast. This initiative adds to the brand’s existing offerings that expand fans’ experience of their favorite HBO content beyond the on-screen premiere. Such is the case of HBO Extras, HBO’s second screen application that provides additional information including behind the scenes content, memes and other interesting facts about its main productions.


Fiorella Sargenti is a journalist and radio and podcast host. She was the editor, and still writes for La Cosa Cine, the most important pop culture magazine in Argentina. Alongside Luciano Banchero, she is the host of the nightly show, Sensacional Éxito, on Metro 95.1 radio, where she used to host several programs on Rock & Pop. She is a film and seies columnist on the popular radio program Basta de Todo and conducts several podcasts specialized in content. She also previously hosted the HBO after show Spoiler Alert, which premiered on digital platforms. This is her first podcast with HBO.


Luciano Banchero is a journalist, entrepreneur and radio and podcast host. He currently hosts the radio program Sensacional Éxito, with Fiorella Sargenti, on Metro 95.1. He is co-founder and content director of the podcast producer Posta, where he also hosts several shows. He wrote the book Future Pop: Guide to Living in a Science Fiction Universe, published by Paidós. He also previously hosted the HBO after show Spoiler Alert, which premiered on digital platforms. This is his first podcast with HBO.