The new season of THE BRONZE GARDEN premieres on June 9 on HBO

By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2019-05-26

Buenos Aires, Argentina - The second season of THE BRONZE GARDEN, the successful HBO Latin America original series filmed in Argentina, will premiere in more than 70 countries around the world. In Latin America, the first of the eight-episode production will premiere on June 9th at pm, only on HBO. The new story, written by Gustavo Malajovich and Marcos Osorio Vidal, follows Fabián Danubio (Joaquín Furriel) after reuniting with his daughter Moira (Maite Lanata) after a desperate decade-long search following her kidnapping.

A short time after having found Moira, Fabián tries to live a normal life and re-connect with his daughter. However, living together is not easy, especially after finding out that she is not his biological daughter.  

As they both fight their own internal battles while trying to establish a relationship, an unexpected event leads Fabián to another investigation. Daniel Cosme – leader of one of Argentina's most popular gangs within the soccer world – was stabbed, and his 15-year-old son, Martin, disappeared without leaving any trace. With no lead in site, Martin’s mother, Andrea Rodríguez (Paola Barrientos), asks Fabián for help. She had previously entrusted her son’s case to Detective César Doberti (Luis Luque), the same investigator that was killed while helping Fabián with Moira’s case.

The second season of THE BRONZE GARDEN reunites Detective Doberti with Fabián, who again seeks the help of police officer Lidia Blanco (Julieta Zylberberg).

The second season was written by Gustavo Malajovich and Marcos Osorio Vidal, and is directed by Pablo Fendrik and Hernán Goldfrid. The series is executive produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Paul Drago, from HBO Latin America Originals, and Adrián Suar and Diego Andrasnik, from the local production company, Pol-Ka.

THE BRONZE GARDEN is a made-for-television production filmed in 4K, using the most advanced post-production techniques of the industry.


FABIÁN DANUBIO (Joaquín Furriel): Finding his daughter wasn’t the end, but rather the beginning for Fabián. Now, he must face the harsh truth of deception and try to re-connect with an adolescent deeply affected by her experience in captivity. Fabián feels he inherited the new case Doberti was working on before his death, and he must work to do what he can to find the missing boy. 

MOIRA DANUBIO (Maite Lanata): At fifteen years old, after spending practically all her life in captivity, Moira Danubio lives her life immersed in books and trapped by her memories. Phobias and manias are the result of her spending a decade imprisoned by her captor. Now, she has a new world to discover which, to her, is completely unattainable.

ERNESTO DANUBIO (Rodolfo Ranni): Fabián's father is a notary, widower and now retired. He lives surrounded by books. Although he is distant, lonely and unloving, he is one of the few people who can approach Moira and establish a relationship with her. Their passion for books connects them, and is a key piece for Fabián.

CÉSAR DOBERTI (Luis Luque): Private investigator César Doberti loves his job, and he has the patience, suspicion and sharpness for it. In the first season he takes the case of Moira, which inadvertently leads to his death. While on that case, he begins another investigation: the disappearance of a fifteen-year-old boy, Martín Cosme, the night his father was murdered.

OFFICER LIDIA BLANCO (Julieta Zylberberg): Officer Blanco left her department to work in the Press branch of the police station, while she maintains a private relationship with Fabián, although neither makes it public. When Fabián gets involved in the new case, she is there to warn him about possible consequences and clues, and later becomes his ally.

IVÁN RAUCH (Claudio Tolcachir): Iván is the son of Francisco Rauch, from whom he inherited his skill for bronze-sculpting. He was a great artist, an inventor of weapons and tools – a deranged and murderous creator. He was obsessed with his sister, Lila/Cordelia, with whom he shared a daughter with – Moira.

DANIEL COSME (Pablo Mónaco): Member and leader of one of the most popular gangs of Argentine football: the Boca Juniors club. He was married to Andrea Rodriguez, with whom he had two children: Martín, fifteen years old, and Rolo, eight years old. His story triggers the main events of this new season.

ANDREA RODRÍGUEZ (Paola Barrientos): The mother of Martín and Rolo Cosme, ex-wife of Daniel Cosme, who works in the port of Buenos Aires. She is separated from Daniel, who she detests. When Martín disappears, she begins a desperate search for her son that takes her, first to the private investigator César Doberti, and following his death, to Fabián Danubio.

MARTÍN COSME (Alejo Ramirez Borella): The fifteen year-old son of Daniel Cosme and Andrea Rodríguez. He is the classic teenager who wears caps, rock-band shirts and loves the latest trendy snickers. Martin’s disappearance is the greatest mystery of this season. Is he a victim or an accomplice of his father's crime?

CECILIO CARMÍN (Claudio Rissi): Cecilio is the homicide detective assigned to the investigation of the murder of Daniel Cosme. Carmín hides his connection with criminal gangs, protected by football. He is hostile towards Fabián and Blanco, blocking their access to key information. 

RIGONNI (Marcelo Subiotto): Rigonni is the detective of the Department of Searches, in charge of Martín’s disappearance. Though he admires Fabián for having found his own daughter, he prefers that he stay out of the new case.