HBO announces new Latin American original production: ENTRE HOMBRES

By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2019-05-08

The miniseries will be based on the cult novel of the same name by Argentine author, Germán Maggiori.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - HBO has just confirmed a new original production from Argentina, ENTRE HOMBRES – a dramatic miniseries made up of four one-hour episodes based on the novel of the same name by Argentine author Germán Maggiori. Pablo Fendrik, who also directed several episodes of HBO’s EL JARDÍN DE BRONCE, will serve as director for the series, which will be produced alongside Pol-ka. Maggiori wrote the scripts in collaboration with Fendrik.

ENTRE HOMBRES takes place in 1996 in the underground world of Buenos Aires, where there are no differences between saints and sinners. A party gone wrong, a murder that must be covered and a missing VHS cassette tape will lead down a path of revenge, blood and lawlessness.

"At HBO, we constantly look to tell the best, most innovative stories, and Argentina has always been a source of talent and inspiration for our productions. ENTRE HOMBRES is a visceral work of fiction, and we are very proud to be working on this new project that will allow us to bring this exceptional cult novel to the HBO screen and to a larger audience," commented Roberto Rios, Corporate Vice President of Original Production at HBO Latin America.

ENTRE HOMBRES started as a dark crime novel created Maggiori shortly before Argentina entered the 2001 crisis, presenting a disturbing urban landscape marked by intense violence and a lack of moral, political and social values. After developing a cult following, the novel was later republished in 2013 due to general critical acclaim.

This new production announcement comes just a few weeks before the premiere of the second season of EL JARDÍN DE BRONCE, the successful HBO Latin America series. The first season of the series was seen in more than 50 countries around the world.

ENTRE HOMBRES will be executive produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Paul Drago from HBO Latin America Originals, and Adrián Suar and Diego Andrasnik from Pol-Ka.