HBO Confirms a Second Season of THE SECRET LIFE OF COUPLES

By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2018-09-25

Created by Bruna Lombardi and Kim Riccelli, new episodes of the HBO Latin America original series begin filming on September 30th.

São Paulo, September 25, 2018 - HBO has confirmed a second season of original series THE SECRET LIVE OF COUPLES.  Politics, sex and power come together in this intriguing series created by Bruna Lombardi and Kim Riccelli, which begins filming on September 30th in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hyper-focused on the world of hackers, the story begins with the investigation of Daniel’s (João Paulo Lorenzon) death, which leads to a surprising conclusion, as Sofia (Bruna Lombardi) struggles to accommodate her consultations at the Tantra Institute, under the pressure of the investigations.

This season, Mayana Neiva joins the cast as the wife of Vice President Zairo (Leonardo Medeiros), who assumes the presidency after the death of the President.

The cast this season also includes Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Paulo Gorgulho, Alejandro Claveaux, Letícia Colin, Virginia Cavendish, Fernando Alves Pinto, Ondina Clais, Hugo Bonemer, Camila dos Anjos, André Loddi, Bia Seidl and Roberto Bridelli.

Directed by Kim Riccelli and Carlos Alberto Riccelli, THE SECRET LIFE OF COUPLES is produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Eduardo Zaca, from HBO Latin America Originals; Bruna Lombardi and Carlos Alberto Riccelli, from Pulsar; and Geórgia Costa Araújo from Coração da Selva. The script was written by Bruna Lombardi and Kim Riccelli.