Posted on 2013-05-07

Mexico City, May 7, 2013 – HBO Latin America today hosted a launch event for its new original series, Sr. Ávila, which is set to premiere May 26th with a two-hour special. The first episode of this production will be available on shortly after its TV airing. Created by Walter and Marcelo Slavich (Epitafios, Seasons 1 and 2), and filmed by Lemon Films, the story revolves around the life of Ávila (Tony Dalton), a middle-class insurance broker, husband, and father who lives a double-life working as a paid assassin.

“Following the success of original series hits such as Capadocia and Prófugos, HBO has once again invested in topnotch regional talent, as well as an extraordinary production team and cast,” said Luis F. Peraza, Executive Vice President of HBO LA Networks. “We are confident our subscribers will enjoy experiencing the suspense and drama of this impactful story.”

The series centers on the daily life of a man who has chosen to earn his living by taking the lives of others. Ávila is 45 years old, has a wife named Maria (Nailea Norvind), and a teenage son named Emiliano (Adrian Alonso). To his family and everyone that knows him, Ávila is just a modest life insurance salesman. But within the organization of hit men, to which he secretly belongs, he will steadily climb the ranks to become the “Señor” (“Boss”) of the business. His new role will bring both new problems and responsibilities, and his web of lies will soon begin to unravel; his life and that of his wife and son will become a nightmare from which it will become increasingly difficult to escape.

Ávila is an assassin simply because it is a job, not because it is his life’s calling. Every day, he goes from his home to his office and back again; it appears ordinary and conventional. However, behind this façade of normalcy, he conceals his real profession.

His wife Maria lives her life vicariously through the TV, onto which she projects her hopes and dreams. A woman in her 40s, she lives dazed and disconnected from reality. Her only concern is their teenage son, Emiliano, and her only occupation is monotonous household work.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Ávila is a teenager and the product of a dysfunctional family. Emiliano has a great need for affection and attention, which he is only able to manifest through violence. His violent tendencies increase in frequency, putting him in the hands of dubious company, as well as in great danger.

Mr. Moreira (Fernando Becerril) is the director of the funeral home that, in reality, conceals the dark business of paid assassins. He manages the network of hit men of which Ávila is a part. There are only a few rules that exist in this business, but they must be followed strictly; and Moreira is the judge who determines the penalty for breaking any code.

In addition to the actors mentioned, other cast members include: Carlos Aragon (Ivan, secretary and advisor to the “Señor” [“Boss”] in charge), Jorge Caballero (Ismael, Ávila’s rebellious apprentice), Hernán Mendoza (Ybarra, Mr. Moreira’s oldest hit man and Ávila’s mentor), Camila Selser (Ana, the funeral home’s makeup artist), Margarita Muñoz (Maggie, Ávila’s mistress) and Juan Carlos Vives (Rogelio, middleman between the clients and the “Señor” (“Boss”) in charge), among others.

Sr. Ávila was filmed in Mexico City in 2012. Consisting of 13 hour-long episodes, Sr. Ávila was produced by Luis F. Peraza and Roberto Rios of HBO Latin America Originals, in conjunction with Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar and Alexis Fridman of Lemon Films.