HBO announces the premiere of its new comedy HARD, debuting this may

By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2020-04-14

Starring Natália Lage, the production will be broadcast throughout all of Latin America

MIAMI, FL., April 14, 2020 - The first season of the new comedy series HARD, co-produced by the production house Gullane, premieres on May 17 at 11:00pm on HBO and HBO GO. Under the general direction of Rodrigo Meirelles and starring Natália Lage, the series is an adaptation of the French comedy of the same name, and will be divided into three seasons, each with six, 30-minute episodes.

HARD tells the story of Sofía, a dedicated housewife who is recently widowed. Elegant and modest, she renounced her career as an attorney in order to take care of her family. After the sudden death of her husband, Sofia watches as her perfect life falls apart upon discovering that he had lied throughout his whole life about his profession and that the inheritance he leaves comes in the form of a production company for pornographic films. Now she must adapt to her new life.

Filmed in different locations throughout São Paulo, the series also includes performances by Julio Machado, Martha Nowill, Fernando Alves Pinto and Denise Del Vecchio.

HARD is produced by Roberto Rios, William Benshimol, Eduardo Zaca and Rafaella Giannini from HBO Latin America Originals, and Fabiano Gullane and Caio Gullane of Gullane, along with resources from Condecine – Artículo 39. The general direction is by Rodrigo Meirelles and the direction of the episodes is by Julia Jordão, Diego Martins and Luiza Campos. Daniel Rezende is the artistic supervisor of development, and writing includes the collaboration of Danilo Gullane, Juliana Rosenthal, Patricia Leme, Mariana Zatz and Laura Villar. The series will be broadcast exclusively by HBO Latin America.