By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2020-03-26

HBO’s original documentary AFTER TRUTH: DISINFORMATION AND THE COST OF FAKE NEWS, premiering Tuesday, March 31 at XX on HBO and HBO GO, investigates the rising concern over “fake news” in the United States.

AFTER TRUTH: DISINFORMATION AND THE COST OF FAKE NEWS takes a look at the damaging effects of “fake news,” focusing on the real-life consequences that misinformation, conspiracy theories and false news stories in our global information environment have on the average citizen. The documentary takes a look at the growing concern over disinformation and the signs that lead to its emergence, humanizing a phenomenon that citizens will confront in years to come.

Directed by Andrew Rossi and executive produced by CNN’s Brian Stelter, AFTER TRUTH examines several incidents impacted by “fake news,” featuring exclusive access to the victims and perpetrators of false news stories as well as a variety of experts and journalists who contextualize its impact and reinforce the importance of quality journalism.